The S5 Photo Showcase widget is demoed in the home page. This widget is an image display widget that presents images and text in a sliding motion, while providing a sneak peek of the next and previous images. This is a great way to showcase your sites images and content. It comes with many great features that allow you to easily customize the look of the widget and what content you would like to show.

The new version of this widget includes the ability to pull in post content from categories you specify. Each slide will function just like a normal post. You can change order, display according to publish date, have unlimited number of slides, etc. The widget has the ability for the user to submit plain text and the widget will stylize the content with default settings or you can enter your own custom html. The plain text option is great for users with limited css understanding and the html setting is for advanced users.

Widget Features

1. Easily switch between post, plain text, and html mode. The widget will provide styling for plain text mode, and html mode allows you to enter your own custom html.
2. Content is totally optional for each slide.
3. Use unlimited pictures and slides when using the post content mode, or up to fifteen pictures when using HTML or text mode.
4. Uses core Jquery calls to avoid javascript conflicts.
5. Set the width of the fluid width of the active image and the max width so that the active image will not get any larger than what is specified.
6. Set the number of seconds you would like each slide to show for.
7. Control style settings such as colors, font size, spacing, etc. for plain text mode.