5 reasons to choose Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement (CRM) solutions for your business

For any customer-centric organization, the relationship with the customer is a key component for a sustainable business. It is a one-point contact for any firm which helps in managing contacts and communication with former, existing, and prospective customers. Choosing a good CRM is, needless to say, the best and the most stable way of maintaining interactions and track records with customers.

Microsoft’s Dynamic 365 is one of the most reliable and all-encompassing CRM solutions. Below are some reasons why it is so useful for your business.

1- One-point solution for all data

One of the most important features of a CRM application is its central nature. However, not all the CRMs in the market have this feature. Microsoft has not left any stone unturned in making its Dynamic 365 application an all-encompassing one.

Dynamic 365 integrates all other applications, internal and external data sources. Hence, email marketing, websites, surveys, accounting data, and all sources that are linked to customers can be linked together.

2- Customer relationships

Giving consistently good customer experiences can be the best way of getting better customer engagement. It can be a long list and be difficult to manage. With advanced CRM solutions, you get an integrated platform for sales, customer service, and marketing.

This helps you connect to every source of customer information across channels, including but not limited to web chat and self-service portals.

3- Compatibility with other Microsoft applications

This feature is the most indispensable in the CRM application. With the ability to interact and integrate with other software programs from CRM and so, you can sort the data into computer legible formats and send it across via an e-communication medium.

4- Usability and cross-platform compatibility

Microsoft, as a technology leader, understands that the commonality in the interface is the best way to avoid spending time, efforts, resources, and money in accustoming people with multiple systems.

This way, you can avoid spending your valuable time and money in training new employees on CRM, as most people are accustomed to several Microsoft interfaces like the Windows operating systems, outlook, and MS Office 365.

Also, Microsoft has gone one step ahead in making its software programs like Dynamics 365 accessible to many people. It has made the Dynamics 365 software application compatible with Macintosh operating system, iOS, and Android.

5- Technical benefits

Microsoft is a giant in the software manufacturing industry. It is known for a strong support system when it comes to sending patches, updates, and newer frameworks. With Microsoft’s CRM solutions, you can rest assured about the soft supports like these.

  • You will get timely changes that will keep your CRM working optimally.
  • You can also rest assured that you can back up your data on Microsoft’s Cloud data backup servers.


Microsoft is a software giant, and Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 is a one-point solution for maintaining every former, present, and prospective customer’s data. You can also reply on its cross-compatibility and continued technical benefits.

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