S5 Masonry is a powerful widget that pulls your post content from a category or categories and can display them in masonry style format. The widget automatically changes on screen resize to fit the screen a user is viewing them on. You can choose to output a “load more” button that will load a set number of posts you define via AJAX. The second method to load posts is “scroll to load” which will load posts once you scroll to the bottom of your screen. You simply assign a featured image in the post editor and then if you choose to show it in the widget it will show up. The excerpt text will show up if you’ve set an excerpt in the editor.


  • Choose to enable scroll to load or load more or neither
  • Show or hide category elector
  • Show or hide read more
  • Set how many posts are to be shown
  • Set how many posts are to load via AJAX button or scroll methods
  • Order posts by various criteria
  • Standard layout or hover layout
  • Responsive ready and more