This widget contains up to 10 positions that appear in a horizontal slide function so you can publish any of your favorite widgets or custom html widgets to one of the slides and keep your site clean and consolidated while giving it some eye candy.

How to setup the widget:

The S5 Horizontal Accordion widget allows you to publish up to 10 widgets of any kind into slides. Widgets must be published to the following positions, Horizontal Accordion – Slide #1, Horizontal Accordion – Slide #2, Horizontal Accordion – Slide #3, etc. up to Horizontal Accordion – Slide #10.

To use the widget, simply follow these steps:

1. Publish the S5 Horizontal Accordion widget to any page and position on your site as you desire.

2. Publish any widget that you wish to the Horizontal Accordion – Slide #x positions. Publish them to all pages. The slides will not show until a widget is published to the associated slide. (NOTE: For Version 1.0 the widgets must be in order, example: if Horizontal Accordion – Slide #3 is present then Horizontal Accordion – Slide #2, Horizontal Accordion – Slide #1 must also be present. If widgets are published out of order an error message will show on the frontend of the site.)

3. Edit any settings desired in the backend of the S5 Horizontal Accordion widget

Code used for this demo:

The following is the code used to create the custom html widgets used on the homepage. Below is just an example of the first one:

<span class=”ion-earth ha”></span>

Trucks, Boat and More

<p class=”readmore”><a class=”btn” href=”#”>More Info</a></p>